Top 20 Best Soap Brands in India

Soaps are classifying into different aspects: men, women, baby soaps, low cost, etc. But we suggest you check out the famous Top 20 Best Soap in India.

1. Dove Soap

Dove is an American-based, Unilever owned personal care brand. This soap sold in almost 150 countries and also manufactured in 23 countries. It is the very first company to launch a moisturizing soap with (1/4)th milk. This soap is useful for men, women and also for babies. But Dove soap is prevalent in women in India.

Dove Soap

2. Liril Soap

Liril is prevalent soap brand in India, was re-launched as Liril 2000 with Tea Tree Oil by Hindustan Unilever. This soap comes in 3 different Beautiful fragrance Liril Berry Blast, Liril Cooling Mint, Liril Lemon and Tea Tree Oil. This soap brand is now promoted in India by, Preity Zinta.

Liril Soap

3. Pears Soap

Andrew Pears invented and produced Pears soap in 1807, and since 1917, Unilever has manufactured and sold this soap in India. Among all other soap brands, it is the first transparent soap.

Pears Soap

4. Biotique Soap

Biotique soap is manufacture by Indian based company, which is form by Vinita Jain in 1992. This soap is chemical-free and made from organic creams. Also, this soap made with natural ingredients. This soap has been clinically tested and is safe for all skin types. Biotique is India’s finest soap.

Biotique Soap

5. Fiama Di Wills Soap

Fiama Di Wills soap is manufacture by Indian based company which is ITC limited.
This soap is very soft and has a great fragrance which lively throughout the day.
Fiama di wills soap is a very famous soap brand in India.

fiama di wills Soap

6. Medimix Soap

Medimix soap is the manufacture and sold by Indian (Chennai) based company which is Cholayil Private Limited. Dr V.P. Sidhan was the founder of Medimix soap. Medimix soap prevalent for handmade herbal soap contains natural herbs that remedy skin problems. Medimix is most trusted organic anti-septic soap brand of India.

Medimix Ayurvedic Soap

7. Nivea Soap

Nivea soap is a German personal care brand which manufactures by Hamburg-based company Beiersdorf Global AG, founded on 28 March 1882. Paul Carl Beiersdorf was the founder of Nivea soap company. This soap is very soft and has a great fragrance which lively throughout the day. This soap is a well-known soap brand in India.

Nivea Soap

8. Himalaya Soap

Himalaya Herbal Soap is an Indian brand. And also the Best Bath Soap For Daily Use. Himalaya make health products with Ayurvedic ingredients.

Himalaya Drug Company has Himalaya Herbal Brand. For the personal care range of products and soaps, they used natural ingredients such as Neem, turmeric, almond, and rose.

Himalaya Herbal Soap

9. Dettol Soap

Dettol soap is the most trusted brand among all other soap brands in the world. This soap manufactures by United Kingdom-based company Reckitt Benckiser in 1876. Dettol firstly used as antiseptic and disinfectant against infections and various problems. Chroloxylenol and α-Terpineol these are the main ingredients in Dettol soap which help us from many issues.

Dettol Soap

10. Lifebuoy Soap

Lifebuoy soap which manufactures by United Kingdom-based company Unilever founded in 1895. Lever Brothers were the founder of Lifebouy soap company. Lifebuoy is the best soap in India. Lifebuoy soap contains goof TFM which is useful for cleaning and nourishing the skin.

Lifebuoy Soap

11. Cinthol Soap

Cinthol soap was manufactured by Indian-based company Godrej Consumer Products Limited (GCPL) in 1952. Cithonl soap does not have any alcohol properties. So it is very safe to use for all skin types. Cnithol soap is 100% antibacterial soap and made from 100% vegetable oil extracts.

Cinthol Soap

12. Lux Soap

United Kingdom-based company Unilever manufactured lux soap. This soap brand founded in 1899. Lever Brothers were the founder of Lux soap. Originally this soap was founded by the name as “Sunlight Flakes”, but in 1900 it was named as Lux.
The ingredients which use to made Lux soap are animal fat, coconut oil, water, vegetable glycerin, and natural fragrance. Lux soap is the best soap in India.

Lux Soap

13. Santoor Soap

Santoor soap is manufacture by WIPRO (Western India Vegetable Products Limited) company. This soap was invented in the year 1985 by the owner of WIPRO Mohammad Premji. Sandalwood and turmeric are the main ingredients of Santoor soap which gives us a lot of benefit for our skin issues.

Santoor Soap

14. Godrej No1 Soap

Godrej No.1 soap which manufacture by Indian-based company Godrej Consumer Products Limited (GCPL). This soap was introduced by, Ardeshir Godrej, in 1920. It is 3rd largest best soap in India. This soap is manufacture by natuaral ingredients that help our skin naturally beautiful.

Godrej No 1 Soap

15. Venus Soap

Venus soap is a premium soap brand in India, which also manufacture in India by RSPL group. This soap comes in 3 different types, i.e., Natural cream, Exotic Cream, and White Lemon. Venus soap is not an ordinary soap made from natural cream, and because of that, we get smooth and silky skin.

Venus Soap

16. Ponds Soap

Ponds soap is an excellent option for those who do exercise and sports activities. It helps to remove sweat, oil, and dirt from the face and keep your skin clean and fresh.

Ponds Soap

17. Patanjali Soap

Patanjali Soap is one of the most successful brands in India. It is the fastest growing FMCG company in India. Patanjali bath soap contains Ayurvedic ingredients. Such as turmeric, neem, Multani soil, sandalwood. Its is one of the best soap in India.

Patanjali Soap

18. Johnson Baby Soap

As the name suggests, this soap is for newborns. This soap is safe because it comes with Triple Baby Protection, 1/4th Baby Lotion, and Vitamin E.

Johnson Baby Soap

19. Hamam Soap

This soap brand manufactured in India. People of all ages can use this soap. It contains neem, basil, and aloe vera extracts.

hamam soap

20. Vivel Soap

Vivel Soap

There are still some popular soaps available in the indian market like skye soap by tata, Wild Stone Soap, NoMarks Soap, Jasmin Soap, Chandrika Soap, Kesh Nikhar Soap, etc.

Conclusion : These are famous Top 20 Best Soap in India, but consult a doctor before using any of these soaps. Use Made in India soap to boost the economy of India

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