Top 5 Biggest Dams in Maharashtra

There are about 1821 dams and reservoirs in Maharashtra. Today we will look at Top 5 biggest dams in Maharashtra.

1. Koyna Dam – Satara

The Koyna Dam is located in the Koyna Nagar district of Satara. This dam built on the Koyna river originates from Mahabaleshwar.

The primary purpose of this dam is to generate hydropower. It is the largest hydroelectric power plant in India.

Name of DamKoyna Dam
Official name of DamKoyna Dam D05104
Height339 foot 103.2 meter
Length2648 foot 807.1 meter
Water Capacity105 TMC
Build on Koyna River
LocationKoyna Nagar, Satara District
Construction began1956
Opening Ceremony1964
Type of damRubble-concrete dam
Installed Capacity1,960 MW
Entry FeeFree
Timing10:00 am - 6:00 pm

2. Jayakwadi Dam – Aurangabad

Jayakwadi Dam is also called Nath Sagar Dam. The Jayakwadi Dam is located in the district of Aurangabad.

Name of DamJayakwadi Dam
Official name of DamJayakwadi-I D02995
Height135 foot 41.30 meter
Length32,802 foot 9998 meter
Water Capacity102.73 TMC
Build on Godavari River
LocationJayakwadi Village, Near Paithan,
Construction began1965
Opening Ceremony24 February 1976
Type of damEarthen dam
Installed Capacity12 MW
Entry FeeFree
Timing08:00 am - 05:00 pm

3. Ujjani Dam – Solapur

Ujjani Dam is also called as Bhima Dam. The Bhima Dam is located in the district of Solapur.

Name of DamUjjani Dam or Bhima Dam
Official name of DamUjjani Dam
Height185 foot 56.4 meter
Length8314 foot 2534 meter
Water Capacity117 TMC but using 70 TMC
Build on Bhima River
LocationUjani, Madha Taluka, Solapur district
Construction began1969
Opening CeremonyJune 1980
Type of damComposite - Earthfill or Gravity
Installed Capacity12 MW
Entry Fee

4. Totladoh Dam – Nagpur

Name of DamTotladoh Dam
Official name of DamTotladoh dam D05107
Height244 foot 74.5 meter
Length2230 feoot 680 meter
Water Capacity66 TMC
Build on Pench river
LocationNear Ramtek in Nagpur district
Construction began
Opening Ceremony1989
Type of damGravity
Installed Capacity160 MW
Entry Fee

5. Isapur Dam – Nanded

Name of DamIsapur Dam
Official name of Dam Isapur Dam D02978
Height187 feet 57 meter
Length13517 feet 4120 meter
Water Capacity33.58 TMC
Build on Painganga River
LocationKalamnuri, Hingoli, Yavatmal, Nanded District
Construction began
Opening Ceremony1982
Type of damEarthfill
Installed Capacity
Entry Fee

Note – So far these are the top 5 Biggest Dams in Maharashtra. Please leave a note if there are any names that haven’t been mentioned yet.

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